Team T.B.S.

Pro Dan

Pro Jerod

Pro Simon

Pro Dakotah

Pro Isaac

Pro SpencerPro Micartney d

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41 thoughts on “Team T.B.S.

    1. We are not hiring right now but it is always ok to email a resume. We also always take high school students on co-op programs but that doesn’t pay anything.

    1. We don’t have any in stock but we can order Sanbox wake helmets and Hyperlite or Ronix boards if they have them in stock.

    1. Sorry, we don’t carry Atom boards. They are lower quality product that does not last long and the trucks do not work well.
      We search the market place to find much better quality at similar prices and right now the Kebbek and Earthwing complete set ups are incredible boards (9 ply maple, Pro quality made in Canada and USA ) with superior strength pro quality Buck Trucks and Pro quality Cult wheels.
      Also the Landyachtz drop down completes are fantastic quality as well.
      Thanks, The Board Store

        1. We have no experience with Kota. They look like they are made well and are probably good quality but they are all surf shapes only which limits their use to cruising only.

  1. A helmet is a conventional yet the most important longboard protective gear. Not only in longboarding, but the helmet is used in almost all the adventure sports. You should ensure that the helmet you choose for yourself fits you well and includes the side straps and pads. Fasten your helmet for a snug fit to ensure proper safety as well.

    1. Yes at Canada Post # 0130850000623941
      It now shows that it was delivered.
      Thanks again for the order. Rob at The Board Store

    1. We sell both. Black skateboards are $29.95 and our blank longboard is a drop thru drop down for $79.95.
      449 St. Paul St.
      30 Centre St. for Free Parking


    1. Th 78a is grippier but the width and style of the wheels also make them better for downhill.
      The Rad Advantage or Landyachtz Monster Hawgs and Orangatang Kegel are good example of downhill wheels.

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