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THE BOARD STORE   905-684-7474   St. Catharines Ontario                                                                                                      – –  see below for map  – – 

Here at The Board Store we are dedicated to bringing you better quality skateboard, longboard, snowboard and scooter product at the best prices in Canada.

Here Is One Of The Things That Makes Us Unique!

The Board Store is locally owned and operated in St. Catharines Ontario since 2007 and unlike other independent stores we shop the industry for better quality product at fantastic discounts. As well, our low overhead allows us to offer exceptional deals so we can save you money!

Why buy some junk from the chain stores when you can get a better quality deal for less at THE BOARD STORE !!!

Why Start An Online Store?

Because we know that Ontario is spread out and not every city has a local core shop, we do our best to bring the core shop experience right to your living room by offering truly knowledgeable advice and a great variety of products so you can always have that fresh new gear no matter where you live.


We are always here to answer your questions.

We want you to make sure you leave the shop with exactly what you need for the style of riding you prefer. Our professional sales staff have been in the industry for over 9 years and are still active on the streets today to bring you a current knowledge of the gear you are spending your hard earned money on.

Hit us up on Facebook or call us with any questions about gear and we will be sure to answer promptly.

The Board Store

449 St. Paul St. (Lower Level),

FREE PARKING behind the store to 30 CENTRE ST.


Monday to Wednesday 12 to 5:30pm
Thursday & Friday 12 to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm

email us anytime at…….



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36 thoughts on “About Us – Contact

    1. It should be about 10 days. We were waiting for the Bruno Pro to become available but if you want we can have the yoface sent as sooner. Thanks

  1. Hey Rob Art here. Can you let me know when you get in the “Loaded Tan Tien 39″ Give me your suggestions on this custom rebuild.
    Btw…my son loves the 40” B.T.S. custom board – Bear trucks and the green Seizmic wheels. I too love my “Original 41 Free-ride Rocker Lion” Your the man! Thanks Rob @ TBS the Board Store.

  2. So i know you guys are supposedly getting the Rayne Savage in on thursday next week and just want to know how much it might be?

  3. I was wondering you if you guys have the Spare parts the sandbox land helmets as mine is missing some if the pads the ear pieces and the goggles clip if you could reply ASAP that would be awesome thanks
    Sincerely one cold eared boarder

  4. Hi guys. I was looking at a Duster Shorebreaker 41″ drop down longboard and my only concern was how much weight it could carry. I’m around 250 lbs and I really don’t want to buy a longboard only to have it break while I’m cruising. What do you think?

    1. I am 200 and it handles me very easily.
      It’s a stiff set up and will have no issues with weight.
      It rides very low to the ground for an extra smooth ride.

  5. Hi, I’m just looking to start long boarding and I wanted to know what’s the cheapest longboard you have at your store?

    1. Yes we do. On our web site you can go to SHOP and then go to Penny’s and Cruisers.
      You can also go to Longboard Completes and check out a few of the smaller longboards like the Landyachtz Battle Axe or the Rayne Flight or the Z-Flex Kicktail.

    1. Right now we are sold out of that price point.
      The only item that comes close is the Landyachtz Peacemaker at $99.
      It’s a great quality board with a kicktail.

          1. thanks. do i have to pay for the board to deliver to your store or do i just have to pay original price?

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