Arbor Westmark Camber 157midwide Snowboard

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  • Parabolic rocker progressively reduces the amount of rocker toward tip and tail for low profiles that engage with the snow for high speeds, major turns and big landings
  • Grip Tech is a tri-radial sidecut design that creates additional heel and toe contact points, providing a direct, ergonomic way to grip the snow when more control is needed
  • Medium-flex mountain twin is recommended for intermediate to advanced riders
  • Black walnut power-ply topsheet gives strength, durability and energy return
  • Knucklehead-style tips are designed for peak-to-parking-lot versatility with an extra punch for powder
  • 2×4 14-pack inserts give a broad stance range
  • Double Barrel II core is made from sustainably grown poplar and reinforced with 2 bamboo struts running down the rails for big-mountain riding
  • Triax over biax mixed glassing layup offers versatility for pow, backcountry, groomers, jumps and more
  • 360° fully wrapped sidewall eliminates the need for tip fill, delivering improved board life and durability
  • Sintered base adds durability and speed
  • Snowboard deck and base colors may vary from online photo

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