FIX Truce Bindings Black Size Large (9.5 to 13)

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The Truce Binding

For many years now there has been a need for a new independent binding brand; one that focuses on designing a high quality product but isn’t attached to a snowboard company.  For 2016 FIX Binding Co. has created a line based on minimalist simplicity for riders who demand the absolute best performance for their buck.

A Few Words From Designer & Co-Owner Jason Broz

“In December of 2013, I stepped out of a snowcat high above Baldface Lodge on the first day of what was a bucket list trip to the snowboarding Mecca near Nelson, BC.  Close friends, fresh pow and not a cloud in the sky.  I went to strap in for what would be my first run of the day and “SNAP!”; I broke the inside adjuster ladder on my ankle strap (from a brand that shall remain unnamed).  With no spare parts on me, I rode shotgun in the cat back to the lodge while my friends had the run of their lives.  It was that exact moment that I decided to start my own binding company.  To engineer the strongest and most durable bindings on the market, because nobody should ever have to experience what I experienced that day.  Everything from the materials we choose to the suppliers we use reflects the ideology that there has to be a better way to build durable bindings.”

• glass fill nylon baseplate and highback

• 100% regrind free baseplate and highback

• tool free forward lean adjuster

• chrome reinforcement plates

• hardware free ladder attachments

• cast metal dual spring buckles

• memory gel ankle strap padding

• 4×4 disc with 2 hole slider compatibility

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