Landyachtz Drop Speed 38.5 Complete

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The Landyachtz Drop Speed longboard is a solid, symmetrical drop-through freeride/downhill board that is a blast to ride.
It has a nice amount of W concave with “flares” over the wheels which really hold you in.  The Drop Speed features tri-axial fiberglass (bottom layer) that keeps the deck from flexing in any direction.  This construction technique gives a rock solid board and also makes it much stronger than pressed maple.  This means you’ll be loving the Drop Speed for years to come plus the overall weight is reduced and the sublimated graphics won’t fall off like painted ones can!

Like its predecessors, this Drop Speed has sharp rail edges that really hold your feet in place on the board whether you are sliding or bombing down hills in a tuck.
Perfect for those who love a solid drop through board for freeriding, downhill, and sliding.

This set up comes with Bear Black Trucks, Strong Bear Spaceball Bearings and Hawg Mini Monster Wheels.

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