MADD GEAR Kick Extreme SCOOTER VX7 Black/Lime

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It’s here – the Kick Extreme is the newest and most affordable pro scooter from MGP. The folks at Madd Gear have engineered this scooter to offer beginner riders a high-quality, high-performance setup with killer looks and solid construction.

The MGP Kick Extreme is a setup a new rider can be proud of, with a 4″ wide deck (perfect for smaller riders) that has a 3mm concave to give the rider better grip and control. The single-piece T-bars measure 22″ wide by 18″ tall, and lead down to a newly designed downtube for a fresh look. The Kick Extreme utilizes IHC compression, and rolls on a pair of 100mm aero alloy core wheels with 85A polyurethane (softer wheels for riders still getting used to trick scooters) and fitted with K1 bearings. Top it off with some awesome new graphics on the bars and grip tape, and the Kick Extreme is one sweet scooter. And you can’t beat that price. Performance, ingenuity, affordability – the Madd Gear Kick Extreme scooter.

Madd Gear Pro Kick Extreme Scooter Specs
4″ Wide, Flat Bottom Deck
3mm Concave For Better Grip
22″ x 18″ Single Piece Steel T-Bars
Newly Designed Tubular Alloy Extruded Downtube
100mm Aero Core Wheels, 85A PU
MGP K1 Bearings
IHC Compression
Steel Threadless Fork
Sealed Threadless Headset
Composite Blitz Brake
New Design Printed on Grip Tape
Weight: 9.1lbs
For Ages 5+
Max Rider Weight: 220lbs

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